Boxing Day Madness?


How many of you venture out to stores to shop on Boxing Day? I’ll admit, I headed to the mall this Boxing Day for the first time in many years. Usually I’m sipping Coronas or margaritas on the beach during the Christmas holidays. This year my family stayed home to enjoy a white, snowy Christmas.

Which meant I’d be home for shopping on Boxing Day and the choice of whether I should or shouldn’t battle the mall on this famous Canadian day after Christmas.

Amazingly, we found a parking spot. In less than five minutes. It was either timing, karma, luck, or whatever you want to call it. There were no honking cars, raised fists, or anything at all. Well, maybe a big grin plastered on my face and my husband’s. We couldn’t believe our luck after all.

After walking about twenty steps inside the mall, we were hit with frenzied shoppers. Wait, maybe not frenzied, but certainly busy. The line-ups weren’t bad (except Starbucks naturally). People were polite. I suppose the fact I was huffing along with a bright blue cane didn’t hurt (I broke my leg in a freak accident recently). I scanned the sea of faces and honestly, everyone looked . . . smiley and happy. Truly. Okay then.

This was turning out to be not so bad after all. We meandered through a few stores and made a few purchases and I have to concede that we did save some money. There were deals to be found.

So, was it worth the trip? This time round it was. Maybe where I live people are just exceedingly polite, or maybe most Canadians are shopping online, like I usually do. I dunno, but the experience was calm and enjoyable. Given that the last memory of shopping on Boxing Day in Vancouver wasn’t so . . . pleasant, this was a refreshing surprise.

Will I do it again? Perhaps, if I’m in town for Christmas. I still prefer heading south and avoiding shopping altogether. But if I am around for another Christmas I’ll certainly consider braving the trip to the mall.

If I can’t encounter any cantankerous, rude shoppers, I can always sit back and watch You Tube videos of customers fist fighting over bargains. I could.

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas, wherever you call home, and if you’re a bargain hunter there’s still Black Friday . . . in another year!



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