New Release by Author Cynthia Gail

What happens when you merge an iconic city with a wonderful holiday? You get a beautiful book! A Christmas Paris by author Cynthia Gail is a contemporary novella.

Seeing that I also have a Paris themed novel coming out in 2016, I jumped at the chance to feature her new novella. Paris is a city I adore and consider myself fortunate to have visited.

Read on for a blurb of A Paris Christmas and check out the gorgeous cover!


Heat 3.5

Contemporary novella

Pricepoint 99 cents.



Facebook link:



Billionaire Nicholas Adrien Rousseau works seven days a week. He lives on a schedule, doesn’t like surprises, plans his days, and outlines his goals. Until an irresistible blonde slides into the backseat of his Mercedes, mistaking him for the driver of the car service provided by his company, Bridal Bliss.

Bella Rose is late for the airport. The opportunity to turn Creative Couture into an International marketing firm is a dream come true, but if she doesn’t catch the last flight home to the states, she’ll miss Christmas Eve with her family.

Two strangers with an attraction that could melt an iceberg, are stranded in the heart of Paris, the city of light and love. When Bella throws caution to the wind, deciding to accept the spontaneity life has thrown her and enjoy the journey, she never imagines it will lead to the man of her dreams. Adrien realizes too late that by hiding his identity, he could lose the one woman who loves the man and not the money.

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