A Time For Love In Paris

copyright: carlo dapino/shutterstock
copyright: carlo dapino/shutterstock

A Time For Love In Paris

Exciting news! My second novel, A Time For Love In Paris, will be published with Soul Mate Publishing in 2016! This time travel romance involved many months of research and was enormously fun to write. I look forward to introducing you to the main character, Elise Sullivan, a young Scottish woman who embarks on a once in a lifetime journey of love amidst the freedom of the 70’s and the bohemian art scene of Paris at the turn of the nineteenth century.

If you love true romance stories, featuring a strong hero and unforgettable heroine, this book will appeal to you! Likewise, if scenes of Paris, layered with rich architecture and Impressionistic art, pull at your senses, A Time For Love In Paris will resonate. Step back in time, and follow Elise as she uncovers a sensual, enigmatic love for the city of her dreams and for a man who leaves her trembling at his touch.

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