Author Spotlight: Erin Bevan

This week on the Passionate Writer’s Blog I am happy to introduce you to author Erin Bevan! Erin is visiting today and sharing her latest release, Cupid’s Angels, a contemporary romance which is set to be released this month (May 20th). Erin’s previous release, The Ranch Hand is available now on Amazon. Erin hails from the South, has lived in Asia and now spends her time raising children and writing about love. Erin is a master at creating hunky heroes who fall for contemporary heroines that every woman can relate to.


KH: Welcome, Erin, to the Passionate Writer’s Blog!

EB: Hey Kim! Thanks for having me today. I’m super excited to get to share with you and all of your fabulous readers about my latest and greatest release coming out May 20th! AAAGGGHHH!

KH: Thanks for visiting today, and for bringing your enthusiasm along! I had the pleasure of reading your novella, The Ranch Hand, and it was fantastic. I could literally envision myself along for the ride. For your newest release, Cupid’s Angels, how would you rate the heat level?

EB: Umm maybe a 1.5 or 2 if you’re super duper conservative.

KH: What was the inspiration behind this novel?

EB: The idea for Cupid’s Angels came to me when I read about a call The Wild Rose Press was doing for their Flower Basket Series. There was a Senior Center in the fictional town the series was set in, and my mind soared with ideas. Well, needless to say, my story just didn’t jive well with their series, and that’s okay! No hurt feelings here. It was rejected three different times before I finally decided to turn CA into something I wanted it to be. When I didn’t have to follow any rules for a series, my characters found their voice and that’s when Cupid’s Angels got picked up by Soul Mate Publishing. It was a lesson learned to always be true to yourself and your writing.

KH: I think that’s important advice that any up and coming author could benefit from knowing. It’s amazing how many of us have been there, shopping our manuscripts around, never giving up, and believing in our stories and in the characters. What do you think readers will love most about your hero/heroine?

EB: My hero is relatable. He’s a dude. A man’s man if you will. My heroine, she’s vulnerable, a bit fragile after the tragic death of her husband. Anyone that has ever dealt with loss might be able to relate with her. And my supporting characters, well, they are just plain fun!

KH: Do you have a favorite moment from your book that you would like to share with readers?

EB: This scene is the point where Ellie starts to feel something again. She’s trying to put herself back out into the dating world. It’s been three years since her husband died, and she hasn’t felt anything. That is until David walks into her life.

“David, you’re here,” Mary’s voice came from the hall.

Ellie’s focus snapped to attention. She straightened her blouse and grabbed the AC file off her desk. With the folder gripped tight in her hands, she stood behind her office door, her spine ruler straight, and puffed out her chest. David needed to know he couldn’t mess with her. Her duty was to take care of the Center and she was going to make sure he offered a fair price.

She opened her office door ready to face the damages. Expecting another sweat covered Neanderthal in Bib Overalls, her mouth fell slack at the sight of a handsome man at the end of the hall. She gasped and gripped the folder tighter, blinking to make sure she was seeing clearly. The only attractive men that ever walked into the Center had been over the age of fifty. To see one so young, so striking, made her light-headed.

A tight white undershirt gripped sculpted bicep muscles and broad shoulders. His jeans hung low on his hips and sported holes in the knees. His suntanned skin accented his bronze hair, and an easy smile spread across his face. He carried a toolbox in his left hand and held a bouquet of roses in his right.

Everything about him caused her knees to go weak.

“Hey, Grandma.” He kissed Mary’s cheek and placed the roses into her small hands. “These are for you.”

Before Ellie could get her wits about her, the two walked toward her. She straightened her blouse again and wished she would have taken the time to do something more with her hair, or maybe apply a little lip-gloss. Her ginger curls were a frizzy mess, and her blouse still had the coffee stain right on her breast.

“Ellie, I’d like you to meet my grandson, David. David, this is Ellie. She’s the Center’s Executive Director and a dear friend.”

“Nice to meet you.” He extended his hand.

“You, too.” She slipped her clammy hand in his. Rough calluses scratched her palm and his touch sent a shiver through her.

“Gran tells me you’re having trouble with your air. You mind showing me where the unit is?”

She saw his lips move, but didn’t understand a word he said.

“What?” She asked dumbly.

“The AC unit. Is it outside?”

“Oh, yeah. The unit.” Ellie wondered if her voice sounded as shaky as her knees were. He flashed her another smile that made her want to grab his hand and go find a utility closet somewhere. His strong build, handsome face, sparkling green eyes, and the fact that he brought his grandma roses had her heart beating like a nineteenth century drummer boy heading into battle. She fanned her face with the folder. Her sweaty palms had caused the thick Manila paper to go limp.

“Right this way.” She held out a shaky arm and escorted him outside the building. The heat bounced off the sidewalk and radiated in the air, making waves as if they were looking through a kaleidoscope. “Here,” she pointed to the unit hidden behind a row of shrubs.

He stared at the large silver box. “You know, if you trimmed these shrubs back, it may help. Might not be a pretty site, but all these plants are preventing your unit from getting proper air flow.”

“Yeah?” Ellie nodded her head. “That’s good to know.” She was out of her element when it came to any sort of repairs. Bookkeeping and mingling with the clients were more up her alley. She saw his lips move, but her brain still had trouble registering what he was saying. All she could think about was his strong build, his touch on her skin, and him in those jeans. If repair work didn’t pay the bills for him, he could always be a cover model.

KH: What words best describe Cupid’s Angels?

EB: Funny Old People.

KH: Where can readers best reach you?



Twitter: @ErinBevan

KH: Thanks for joining me today, and for sharing your latest release with readers!

EB: Thank you so much for having me. Be sure to check Amazon on May 20th for Cupid’s Angels!

About Erin:

Erin Bevan was born and raised in Southwest Arkansas. She spent her teenage years working for her aunt at the local gas station flipping burgers and making milkshakes dreaming of the day when something better would come her way.

Fast forward ten years later, she found herself stuck inside an apartment in South Korea while her daughter went to preschool and her husband went to work. Alone and unable to speak the local language she turned to books for a friend. After reading a few hundred in such a short time, she decided to try her hand at writing one.

That first one sucked, but by the fifth and sixth book, Erin started to get the hang of this writing thing. Getting the first contract in the mail was a dream come true. Now, with three babies at home, she squeezes in stories one word at a time, one sentence at a time, one day at a time.  She’s a full time mom, a full time wife, with a little writer sprinkled in whenever she can get the chance.

Cupid’s Angels


Ellie Childs isn’t looking for love. She’s looking for an AC technician for the Forest Wood Senior Center. But, when the repairman happens to be tall, dark, and handsome, he has the goods to make her change her mind. Unfortunately, he’s taken by a blonde Barbie.

David White moved to Cupid, Arkansas, to be closer to the woman he loves, his grandma, and away from his ex-fiancée. Believing his broken heart would never work again, he’s proven wrong. Ellie’s shimmering auburn curls and compassionate nature sends his heart thumping. His mind soars with thoughts of giving love another shot. But as luck would have it, she’s taken, and the guy she’s seeing is a real jerk.

When David’s grandmother sees how perfect Ellie would be for her grandson, she gathers the troops. She and her three friends form Cupid’s Angels. Their mission, to bring David and Ellie together. Despite their best efforts, the Angels’ plans backfire, pushing David and Ellie farther apart and into the arms of others. Or, so they think.

Will the Angels’ good intentions win out, or will their plots and schemes undermine what could have been the love of a lifetime for David and Ellie?

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