Exciting News!

Spring is here! With the grip of winter loosening, and the days becoming milder, it seems the days ahead promise new beginnings. Spring is a time of renewal and so it seems like an ideal time to share some wonderful news!

collage of flowers

Many of you are familiar with my recently published novel, Hands Full of Ashes, and what inspired me to write the novel. I had taken a journey to Rwanda in 2012, and my eyes were opened wide. I met people that I would never have crossed paths with in my day to day life. I returned home, full of passion, ideas, and commitment. I had a dream to write a novel, with characters spinning in my mind.

More than that, I promised myself that if I were to find a publisher for the novel, that I would donate a portion of royalties of each book sold to a charity supporting women and girls in developing countries. After what I had seen firsthand in Africa, I was determined to leave some small footprint, however I could, by helping out.

But first I had to get my book published. Done. Then I had to find a great charity to work with. After lots of research, I have selected to work with Plan Canada, by donating royalties of Hands Full of Ashes to their Girl Power campaign. For each $100.00 raised by me, the amount will be matched 11 times by large corporate sponsors. 11 times!! That’s $1,100.00 that can be raised each time I contribute $100.00

So if you’re thinking of buying a copy of Hands Full of Ashes, you can do so knowing that a part of the purchase price will go directly into Plan Canada. So celebrate along with me, knowing that together we can make a difference. I have seen firsthand the difference that clean water, an opportunity to go to school, and food can do. These girls deserve a chance to feel safe, and get an education.

This has been my personal dream – to get published and contribute to charity. Now both of these dreams have been realized.

I sincerely hope that each one of you finds your dreams coming true this season.

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